Welcome back and Happy New Year

Dates for the diary

The law society Day of the Endangered Lawyer Seminar – 22nd January 2020 – London
LSN’s 1 day workshop: Profitable practice growth secrets – 6th February 2020 – London
LSN’s Bristol networking event – 11th February 2020 – Bristol
LSN’s Birmingham networking event – 12th February 2020 – Birmingham
British Legal Technology Forum – 10th March 2020 – London
Risk and Compliance annual conference – 13th March 2020 – London
P4W Regional User Group – 7th May 2020 – Manchester

Tikit National User Group Event

We would like to commend Tikit on another successful gathering for this year’s national user group dinner and conference. It was jam packed with insightful information and gave our team a chance to socialise with firms all over the UK during the pre-dinner drinks and lovely 3-course dinner course. The conference was held at the BT Centre and allowed for a great opportunity to interact with the crowd and speak to existing clients as well as prospects about the new innovative products and services we offer at Accesspoint.

LSN – Winter Event

It was a pleasure to attend LSN’s final networking event of the year in November, many firms from all over the UK attended so it was a great opportunity to kick back and enjoy an evening of fun, whilst still making the most of the night by networking with like-minded peers in the legal industry.

The roulette table was a great success as it gathered a large crowd, with many individuals joining in the healthy competitive spirit, by the end of the night our very own Aaron Walby presented the two individuals with the highest chips with an Amazon Echo Show.

What’s new?

Linked Up

When was the last time you stopped and thought seriously about your PMS and what it could do or needs to do to improve your firms ongoing business intel or efficiency?

Some of the questions we have frequently been asked over the last couple of years have related to linking marketing driven data/information with a firm’s PMS.

Let’s consider a key area of spend within the marketing budget – PPC (Pay Per Click). Few firms adopting this marketing approach have very little tangible evidence of what the actual ROI (Return On Investment) is. The simple reason behind this is that many firms, not all we hasten to add, take the time to track inbound leads and their source of acquisition, let alone then measure the volume and ultimate conversion rate once manual intervention in the office happens. Then of course there’s the question of how much revenue did that lead generate? This can all be autonomously tracked by your PMS.


Think about all the leads generated by your website. How much do you know about them and what added value could this information carry? Another great example of potential missed opportunity and that valuable follow up action to allow you to cross sell your services – which is a much easier task selling to a known lead than an uninformed cold call. Wouldn’t you like to know what your audience has engaged with and is obviously interested in? This can all be automated to your PMS as well.

Then, if one of your visitors takes the time to complete any of your web forms with a view to engaging your services, what do you do next? Our guess is that you probably receive an inbound email notifying you of the enquiry and then have to record the details via manual processing i.e. keying all the details into your PMS, and then someone sends an email to acknowledge receipt of the enquiry. Surely if this could all happen behind the scenes and the process was automated it would save hours of admin time? This kind of very simple automation starts to take away human error and the mismanagement of sensitive data and provides a much greater peace of mind in the knowledge that a good piece of your client on-boarding process was taken care of. Again, this can all be automated directly into and via your PMS.

These are just a few examples of what you could consider as simple hygiene factors when it comes to website/PMS integration and all of which are now achievable from Accesspoint. These are the things that can make or break your competitive edge giving you that vital information for a head start.

Not restricted to the above there’s lots more you should also consider.

Driving accurate and meaningful data directly to your PMS means you can now also get valuable marketing reports and statistics quickly at your fingertips. With this kind of information your direct marketing activities should become far more targeted and meaningful to your recipients, encouraging more cross selling and in turn more business – you now have campaigns that can be followed up and measured.

Aside from your website, mobile apps also play a part in this data driven PMS centric environment and I would encourage all law firms to adopt their own app. Having your brand in front of your clients all the time carries obvious benefits and can allow you to make your client experience even more personal and data rich – all GDPR compliant.

This is obviously an extension of your website and can also utilise some of the aforementioned topics. Apps are fast becoming a powerful marketing tool, not to mention the direct communication benefits that they have to offer for your clients and as we are all starting to see they are becoming key features in our future. Ignore them at your peril as others won’t and they are set to be another very attractive shop window.

New Products!

web360 - transforming how firms work

Introducing Web360

Our intelligent new package unites and streamlines your firm’s data.

Our Web360 package was created for firms of all sizes, in order to free up fee-earners time and improve data accuracy. Web360 also removes the process of manually handling data by automatically unifying data from various sources into a single origin – your PMS.

Here’s how it works

Web360 is powered by our innovative Flashpoint software, Flashpoint integrates various external data sources seamlessly into your PMS. Installing Flashpoint onto your system enables you to activate any of the following Web360 integrations, each of which allows your firm to become more efficient and joined up with IT.

What are the available integrations?

Our website integration allows your firm to seamlessly link your websites data directly into your PMS. As clients populate webforms on your website, the data will be automatically injected into your PMS within seconds. Your PMS will be configured to automatically validate the enquiry against existing entities and create a prospect/opportunity from the enquiry whilst notifying designated fee-earners of the new client. The prospect will also receive email confirmation that your firm has successfully received the enquiry.

Our FormShare integration allows your website to be integrated with Tikit FormShare (FormShare enables firms to use PDF Forms to electronically capture client data). The FormShare PDF data fields are linked to a custom built webform on your website, allowing clients to self-start the process by populating their information digitally. This data is seamlessly injected into your chosen FormShare.

Web Forensics allows you to track the entire digital journey of a client, from clicking on a Google advert or Facebook post etc, right through to the completion of their case – all within your PMS. This allows you to identify which marketing channels are providing quality leads and which aren’t. It also provides a complete ROI by cross referencing the cost of acquiring the client i.e a £2 advert click (PPC) against the final matter value. Forensics also maximises cross selling opportunities for your firm by automatically sending an e-shot to clients that visit chosen pages on your website.

FlashPad integration allows your handwritten notes to be digitally captured with a Smartphone App. The digitised scans are sent securely and are posted directly into your chosen PMS entity/matters or folders – dramatically reducing the admin time of manually carrying, scanning and storing notes.

Learn More About web360


What’s new?


Steve – Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Since starting at Accesspoint Technologies, I’ve widened my skill set in infrastructure in this fast-paced environment to keep clients connected and improve their experience. I’ve been interested and involved with engineering for many years and particularly computer networks. Solid infrastructure is vital to any organisation in delivering products and services to clients seamlessly and reliably. Getting it right is a matter of personal satisfaction to me.

Muhammed – Support Analyst

I have recently joined Accesspoint and have settled into the level 1 support team very well. Since I started everyone has been very helpful and has provided the right environment for me to grow and develop. IT has always been a passion for me, so I was extremely determined to make a career out of it especially taking the path that I did which was to go to University before I applied for an apprenticeship. I found out more about by myself in University as I realised where my strengths lie and I am very appreciative of Accesspoint for giving me the chance to increase my skills and make my mark.

Case Study

Prince Evans

Prince Evans Solicitors LLP, is a leading West London law firm, offering a full-service range of legal advice to their diverse client base. Prince Evans works in a number of specialist areas and niche markets, to include: corporate transactions, commercial property, social housing and new build homes conveyancing, litigation and personal injury and, private client work.

For some time, Prince Evans had been operating with a myriad of site based software controlling the various aspects of the firm. With a software vendor issuing end of support on one of the software provisions and their site based network infrastructure coming to its replacement anniversary, Prince Evans proactively began to investigate their desire to not only consolidate their software provisions, but also embrace cloud hosting technology.

Consequently, Prince Evans engaged with software vendors and Accesspoint. Through consultancy provided by Accesspoint, Prince Evans selected their new practice management software and removed a large footprint of their site based network infrastructure. Through our partnership with Prince Evans we are now providing them with a broad range of services which includes cloud hosting, necessary consultancy, training and development on their new practice management software.

“Our legacy systems had served us very well for many years but the lack of modern functionality and disjointedness of having separate systems was holding us back. We are very ambitious and determined to be at the cutting edge of legal IT technology, and as a result, we teamed up with Accesspoint, who we knew had a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area, to produce and implement an IT strategy which would take us on our journey and fulfil the ambitions of the partners.”
– Lee Davis